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The creation of our Lab

Updated: Jan 25

Meet Marena.

Over the years I have been developing and growing the business to get clean skincare products out to the world. Trading toxic ingredients with plant derived botanicals that lead to a healthier, happier body and mind.

I first started creating "potions" in my kitchen, and collecting herbs and flowers from my garden. It was a special place that led me to the passion that is now Livin Off Earth. It was the creation of Mother's Face wash which is now called Pure-fection that started it all. The scent of florals and citrus led me down the path of starting this business to help people achieve clear youthful skin long term.

Jump 7 years later we are now sending products to customers in over 35 different states and selling in a few local stores. The business and I just recently moved to South Carolina from Georgia, stepping into a new chapter for the business. This means a artisan "lab" is born and a new fresh start to the homestead is growing. What a fun and exciting journey to build the lab from scratch and can't wait to create new products for our customers.

The start of the cabinets being placed and outlets moved for easy access. This home was built in the 1960's and the studio was still on a 2 prong outlet. These LED recessed lights were added to give the studio more light since the porch and large mature trees cover the front of the house makes it dark. It has 6 different light settings from warm to white making it customizable to your needs.

We placed 36 inch cabinets along the 15 foot wall giving it a built-in look and used butcher block counter tops to warm up the space. This surface is for packaging only so water and oil won't really come in contact with it, but still wanted to protect the countertops so I used Waterlox Original which was easy to use and didn't leave streaks like some other sealers I found did. This was the longest part of the project as the butcher block countertops were given to me for free, but in its raw form and needed a lot of sanding to bring out its beautiful colors.

The shelf brackets and cabinet handles were purchased from Amazon tying the space together with a slick and updated look. I went with a 12in depth pinewood for the shelves cutting them down to 5 feet each to give the products and ingredients a place to be showcased. A stain was used to achieve a similar color as the countertops and then sealed with a poly to protect them from any liquids.

The project has taken 3 months and still in the process along with finding creative ways to make storage in this 15x13ft room. There is still a lot more to do, but can finally start unboxing majority of our bottles and ingredients so Livin Off Earth can get back to creating beautiful products.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Labs renovation and what items were used to create this stunning space. Until then, have a wonderful and blessed week.

- Marena

*This blog post is part of a paid partnership with Amazon, experience and views are our own.

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