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Pure-fecion facial cleanser

Clear Complection Toner

Blemish Free Serum


We have the answers to your problem! Say goodbye to those blemishes. Pure-fection facial cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin, but powerful on bacteria buildup. Using healing aloe along with powerful oils to keep skin clean without stripping your good oils. Removing any left over bacteria your cleanser left behind the Clear Complexion toner does not contain alcohol, but only true witch hazel bark and leaves giving it, its rich color. Both colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar are known for balancing the ph levels and healing inflammed pores. The Blemish Free serum is designed to reduce acne and encourage healing with unrefined organic oils such as grapeseed, rosehip seed & evening primrose. They naturally contain compounds that work to diminish breakouts, regenerate skin cells and regulate oil production. You ask WHY would I use an oil for acne, wouldn't it make my acne worse? As a matter of fact most acne products are made to dry out the skins surface only treating the skins outer layers. While the serum penetrates deep down into all the layers killing bacteria at the source.


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I was introduced to Livin Off Earth by an esthetician who I purchased products from. I started off by using the Deep Cleanser & it surprisingly evened out my skin tone as well as cleared my blemishes.I also use it on other areas of my body! I then went to the website and ordered everything lol I incorporated the products (& still do) into my skincare business. I will continue to support!



Love this product!

Absolutely in love with these products. I truly believe what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. I absolutely LOVE the No More Aches salve. As a Pilates instructor who teaches multiple classes, six days a week, my muscles have never been happier! No unnecessary Advil for muscle soreness. Just a good rub of the salve each evening before bed! And the Magnesium spray on my feet. I sleep like a baby. And at 44 years old, I finally have a skin care routine - because I TRUST Marena's all natural products

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